I’m Emma and I’m the treasurer here at Creative Strathaven. I’ve been involved with Creative Strathaven pretty much since I moved into the area in 2017 and met Mhairi. I was really keen to get involved with something locally and when Mhairi explained to me the idea behind Creative Strathaven I was in, it’s ethos really chimed with me.

I’ve been interested in creative activities since I was young and drew from a young age, as well as playing instruments. I studied art until Standard Grade at school, but then foolishly gave it up for a subject I thought I could pass more easily! Instead I went down the route of the sciences and studied Biology at university in Glasgow. Looking for a quieter life, myself and my husband moved out of the city and into Stonehouse in 2017. During this time I was running Goodlass, a business selling hand knitwear and Harris Tweed accessories, I closed Goodlass at the end of 2018 after falling out of love with it and not feeling I could give it my all.

I still love knitting and sewing too, I also love being able to have a shot of lots of different creative pursuits and this is one of my favourite things about Creative Strathaven. I am able to have a shot of different arts and crafts through the workshops that we run throughout the year. I’ve found that I really enjoy embroidery, have had a shot at crochet, macramé and love my new planter that I painted and planted with Zoe Scott at our first workshop of 2019.

I look forward for what’s to come for 2019, and continuing to work with our team of trustees and everyone who takes part in Creative Strathaven activities to continue to working to achieve our vision of creative opportunities being open to anyone who is interested and continuing to bring people with an interest in creativity and arts together in the area.

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