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Hi everyone, my name is Donna and I run Dyre in the Byre.  I produce small batch and one

of a kind hand-dyed yarns for knitting and crochet.

My mum, who's been knitting for about 75 years, tried to teach me to knit when I was wee, but as I couldn't get my head around the purl stitch so it fell by the wayside.

Then about six or seven years ago, I asked her to show me again and everything clicked immediately.

Once I could knit, I was keen to try lots of different types of yarn, and it wasn't too long before I stumbled upon the hand-dyed kind,

It was like nothing I had used before.  Because of the random nature of it, I wanted to knit and knit and knit, excited to see how each stitch would turn out, and how the fabric would look as a whole.  I enjoyed knitting anyway, but hand-dyed yarn added a whole new


So after some research, and a one-on-one workshop with a very experienced dyer, I invested in some equipment and a sizeable pile of yarn and off I went.

I really enjoy the fact that each skein is a one-off.  Two skeins will never be exactly the same, even if they're dyed in the same pot on the same day.  It means that the fabric of the finished garment will be entirely unique, and the same yarn knitted into a sock will look completely different than if the same skein was used to make a cardigan.  Experimenting with colours mixes and combinations, as well as playing around with different techniques will also all create unique results, and mean that every dye session is a learning experience and an opportunity to produce something beautiful.

I started an Etsy shop about 18 months ago, and through sales there I have sent my yarn as far afield as Australia, Canada and the USA,

I particularly enjoyed being a vendor at the Creative Strathaven Christmas market last November.  It was so nice to see customers face to face, and to ask them what they're planning to make.  I particularly love seeing their finished projects that have been made using yarn that I dyed.


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