It's all about...The Wee Mud Hut

I qualified in Ceramics and three dimensional design many years ago and finally decided in 2016 to make it my livelihood. I threw myself into it at full speed and started The Wee Mud Hut in a huge unit offering tuition, group sessions, parties and much more. I managed it by myself and in hindsight, I probably took on too much. Don’t get me wrong it was an adventure and I gained a lot of new business skills and met a lot of lovely people but as is the way with running a business, there is much more to it than turning up for work!

So after year 1, I downsized considerably and now have a small workshop based in my garden, and offer different sessions at different locations. Some that I organise and some that are booked, for instance, Girl Guides, Scouts, and groups of friends. I also offer 1:1 wheel tuition at The Wee Mud Hut HQ. 

This gives me much more opportunities to create my own work which I absolutely love doing. I sell my ceramics at fairs, on Etsy, via my website, via Facebook and direct sales. A much better set up that works far better for me. The Wee Mud Hut continues to evolve as do my ceramic and business skills! 



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