Looking back on the Pop-up Shop and Exhibition 2019

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Photo by SEHamilton Photography

On 27th April 2019 we opened the doors to our Pop-up Shop and Exhibition at 44 Waterside Street, Strathaven! Showcasing work by local and Scottish makers, it was the perfect opportunity to do some shopping and to see just how talented our local makers are.  Both the shop and exhibition were open until 12th May.

We had over 800 customers through the door with all money made going straight back to the makers and artists. We also ran a variety of workshops and events during the two weeks that the shop was open which meant we welcomed even more people through the door (we particularly enjoyed the Kids Printmaking Workshop which was good fun for everyone involved). 

​Running the Pop-up Shop and Exhibition allowed us the opportunity to see what Creative Strathaven's eventual space could be like and how it would work. One thing's for sure, we want it to happen and are working on making the dream a reality. As well as having a shop stocked with work by local and Scottish makers, we would have a dedicated exhibition space where we would host multiple exhibitions a year. The space would also double up as a Makespace and community space where you could join us for a workshop or event, or simply have a cup of tea and a blether. 

All we need now is a building...

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