We have a great big announcement...

Creative Strathaven at 2 Barn Street Mews is OPENING on Saturday 18th July!

We've had to keep this a secret for weeks so you have no idea how excited we are to finally be able to tell you.

Anyway, the shop is a great big celebration of makers and artists who are locally based, or who live slightly further afield. But, everything is made, designed, or up cycled in Scotland. It's a bit like last year's Pop-up Shop but even better (and permanent).

As well as all of the products by the artists and makers, we're going to sell art materials so that you can buy them locally instead of traipsing into Glasgow or Edinburgh, or waiting for things to be delivered.

You might already know that we're teaming up with Frets Creative to run the space. The aim is to eventually establish an arts space at 2 Barn Street Mews where lots of different events and exhibitions are held - we've got some big plans! However, because of the current restrictions in place due to Covid-19, the space is opening up as a shop and gallery run by us.

On that note, due to the delay in opening (blame Covid-19) some makers have had to pull out of stocking the shop. That means, there's some space for more makers to have a space in the shop. If you're interested in selling your products with us, just fill out the application form by clicking on the link below:

We've already got a wide variety of products but could do with some more homeware, stationery, skincare and cosmetics, and prints. There will also be space for wall based products as we'll have a gallery rail system.

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