Who is Creative Strathaven?

Creative Strathaven was founded in March by 2017 by local artist, Mhairi Anderson. It was initially set up so that local creatives could connect and meet with one another. However, it has grown a bit since then and has become a community group for creative people living in Strathaven and the local area. It is not exclusively for ‘artists’ as people of all creative abilities and backgrounds are welcome to get involved.

But who is Creative Strathaven?

The group is run by our voluntary board that is currently made up of three members: Mhairi Anderson, Emma Goodlad and Phil Wong. Each of them are creative in some way and bring different skills and ideas to the table.

Over the next few weeks Mhairi, Emma and Phil will be introducing themselves to you via the blog, Facebook and Instagram. They’ll be telling you a bit about themselves, sharing their day with you and telling you all about their creative practice. If there’s anything you want to know about the three of them then why not get in touch? They’ll be more than happy to have a chat.

Emma, Mhairi and Phil after the Launch and Exhibition in April

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