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60 Things to See and Do in Strathaven

Strathaven is a busy wee place with lots to do and lots to see. From local history to a hot air balloon festival, and from independent shops to plenty of walks, there's something for everyone - be they a local or visitor. With lots of new people moving to the town, and more visitors discovering what Strathaven has to offer, we wanted to create something to help visitors and locals alike explore it.

Featuring 60 things to see and do in Strathaven as suggested by the people who live here, there's something for everyone. With an accompanying map showing you where everything is - just find the corresponding number for where your want to go - you're all set to explore our wee town. We hope you enjoy your visit!

If you find the guide helpful while you're here, please feel free to share your experience using #60ThingsStrathaven, or get in touch with us at Creative Strathaven CIC.

Get your copy of '60 Things to See and Do'

A hard copy of the guide is available from various local businesses, but you can download a digital version by clicking on the download images below.

This guide has been created by Creative Strathaven CIC with funding from the Town Centre Fund from South Lanarkshire Council.

Designed and illustrated by Mhairi Anderson.


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