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Generation Strathaven: Commissioned Artworks

Alongside the exhibition of artwork by Strathaven Academy pupils, four local artists were commissioned to create a piece of work in response to the project. The commissioned artists were: Kathryn Johnson, Sarah Hamilton-Reilly, Giovanna Mackenna, and Les Hoggan. Each artists responded differently to the title of the project...

• Kathryn Johnson created 2 paintings: 'The Duck Races On' and 'The Hot Air Gasps'. Both paintings were based on local events (The Duck Race and The Strathaven Balloon Festival) and were displayed in the windows of No40 Common Green. You can see more of Kathryn's work here.

Sarah Hamilton-Reilly photographed 4 individuals living in the town, with each belonging to a different generation. These photographs were exhibited in the windows of local businesses, with a blurb about each individual's experience of living in the town accompanying their respective portrait.

• Giovanna MacKenna wrote a poem in response to Generation Strathaven. Her poem, 'Here', was a reflection of our town and was featured in the local history trail map.

• Les Hoggan photographed the front of various businesses throughout the town with their (2020) staff included in each photo as a way of documenting what businesses were operating at the time and who was involved. You can see more of Les's photographs here.

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