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Through the Window: Becky Paul

Exhibitions in the Window are back! June's artist is Becky Paul with her exhibition, ‘Colourscapes’ that runs from 1st-30th June at our shop at 6a Common Green.

Becky is a Hamilton based artist who is inspired by the outdoors, and her surroundings. She plays with colour and form, and uses layers in an impressionistic and illustrative style within her work. Becky works with different types of materials to produce mixed media pieces that incorporate the use of Japanese paints, inks, gouache, acrylics and poster paints. She takes inspiration from the Disney artist of the 50s and 60s – particularly legendary Disney colourist, Mary Blair – and landscape artist Evyind Earle.

Becky believes that art should be bold, interesting and unpredictable, and that it should always make you feel something. Everything you see in the window as part of ‘Colourscapes’ is an original artwork.

You can see more of Becky's work on her Instagram page.

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