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Through the Window: Jenna Martin Leitch

Updated: Sep 7

August's exhibiting artist was Jenna Martin Leitch with her exhibition, 'Under My Wing'. Read more about it below...

Inspired by a mother’s love. The witnessing of wonder and that childhood joy, giving rise to a mother’s joy…thereon etched in line upon paper.

Jenna is a mum of two little girls, and having lost her own Mum in February 2021, this work embodies the intense feelings of love and of loss. The two feelings intertwined, and the birds and feathers that have provided both solace and joy along her family’s path since.

Her most recent body of work, nature inspired as always, is about wonder, imagination, childhood and hope. The love of a mother represented within her love of the natural world.

Jenna draws and paints the birds she sees on her walks - solo and with her family - and the feathers she finds along the way.

The title ‘Under My Wing’ draws inspiration from a childhood memory of seeing a Peewit (a lapwing) in a field near where she grew up, protecting and sheltering its chicks beneath its wings. Thismemory is firmly held in her mind; tiny baby bird legs dangling from each of the adult lapwings wings. Held tight.

You can see more of Jenna's work on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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